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Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd. is a renowned Chinese real estate development company that has played a significant role in the real estate industry worldwide for years. With its innovative approach, advanced technology and customer focus, the company has earned a reputation as one of the leading players in the market.


History and development

Country Garden Holdings was founded in 1992 by Ms. Yang Huiyan, who currently serves as chairman of the board. Initially, the company focused on the local market in Guangdong Province, with its main business being the construction of residential developments. However, over the past two decades, the company has grown significantly and expanded its operations nationwide.Today, Country Garden has a presence in more than 600 cities in China and is involved in both residential and commercial projects. The company is known for its large-scale projects that offer comprehensive housing solutions, including both residential buildings and infrastructure, recreational areas and public services.

Innovation and sustainability

Country Garden is a pioneer in the use of new technologies in the real estate industry. The company invests heavily in research and development to continually improve its designs and innovate. An example of this is the use of intelligent building management systems, which provide energy savings and increase the comfort of residents.In addition, Country Garden is actively involved in promoting sustainable development. The company aims to create eco-friendly settlements, taking care of nature conservation and sustainable resource management. Its projects use renewable energy, use eco-friendly building materials and design green spaces that promote the health and well-being of residents.

Community impact and charitable projects

Country Grden not only focuses on business development, but also engages in community initiatives and charitable projects. The company actively supports education, especially for children and young people, through scholarship programs and school construction. In addition, Country Garden organizes various social activities, such as environmental campaigns, humanitarian aid and support for the needy.

International success and prospects

Thanks to its commitment, innovation and excellent quality, Country Garden has gained international recognition. The company is expanding its presence in overseas markets, including Asia, Europe and Australia, with ambitious residential and commercial projects.Country Garden’s future looks promising. The company will further develop its project portfolio, leverage new technologies and pursue sustainable development. As a leader in China’s real estate industry, Country Garden remains true to its commitment to customers and communities, creating new standards in construction and developing new trends in the market.

The vision and values of Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd.
Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd. is also distinguished by its clear vision and values, which form the foundation of its business. The company strives to create “Green Space for Better Life,” which means building harmonious and ecological communities where residents can enjoy a high quality of life.One of Country Garden’s key values is innovation. The company is constantly looking for new solutions and technologies to improve its designs and provide innovative solutions for its customers. One example is the introduction of smart home systems that allow residents to control lighting, temperature or security via their smartphones.

Another value is a passion for quality.

Country Garden always strives for excellence in every aspect of its business. The company focuses on high quality buildings, solid workmanship and aesthetic design. Every detail is carefully considered to provide customers with the best residential experience.The company also emphasizes social responsibility. Country Garden engages in a variety of social and charitable projects to contribute to the communities in which it operates. Educational initiatives, support for the needy and environmental protection are priorities for the company.

Awards and recognition

Thanks to its excellent reputation and high standards, Country Garden has received many prestigious awards and accolades. The company has been awarded the title of “Best Chinese Development Company” by various leading industry publications and institutions. Its projects have been recognized for their innovation, sustainability and contribution to the local community.