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Chang Gung Medical Center in Taoyuan, located in the scenic hills of Taiwan, is one of the most renowned medical centers in Asia. Since its establishment in 1978, Chang Gung has earned a reputation as a leader in healthcare, medical innovation and research. This comprehensive medical center offers a wide range of medical services that meet the highest world-class standards.


A leader in medical care in Taiwan Chang Gung is a significant player in Taiwan’s medical scene.

The center has a number of hospitals, clinics and specialized units that provide comprehensive health care for patients of all ages. Whether you need routine health checks, treatment for chronic diseases or complex surgical procedures, Chang Gung is able to meet your needs. Years of experience and a commitment to the latest technology make this center a leader in the medical field in Taiwan.

Innovative approach to healthcare

Chang Gung is known for its innovative approach to healthcare, which includes the use of the latest medical technologies and interdisciplinary collaboration. The center continuously invests in the development of new treatment techniques, such as surgical robotics, gene therapy and telemedicine. As a result, patients receive access to state-of-the-art treatments, resulting in efficiency and shorter recovery times. At Chang Gung, innovation and science go hand in hand to deliver the best possible results to patients.

Outstanding medical and research staff

Chang Gung Medical Center brings together not only the best medical specialists, but also talented researchers. Collaboration between medical and scientific teams leads to breakthroughs and influences the development of medicine. Many doctors and scientists working at Chang Gung have international recognition for their scientific achievements and contributions to the development of medicine. Patients can be assured that they are receiving care from outstanding experts who use the latest medical research and innovations.

Holistic care and a welcoming environment

At Chang Gung, the priority is to provide holistic care that takes into account not only the physical aspects of health, but also the emotional and psychological aspects of patients. The center focuses on a personalized approach to each patient, providing support at every stage of treatment. In addition, comprehensive facilities and a friendly environment conducive to good health promote rapid recovery.Chang Gung Medical Center in Taoyuan is a pioneer in healthcare in Taiwan and Asia. With its innovative approach to medicine, outstanding medical and research staff, and holistic approach to care, Chang Gung has earned recognition as one of the best medical centers in the world. Patients can be assured of receiving the highest quality of care and access to the latest medical technology. Chang Gung Medical Center in Taoyuan is a place where health and innovation go hand in hand to ensure the best outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Global reach and international partnerships

Chang Gung Medical Center in Taoyuan is part of a medical network with global reach. With its prestige and excellent reputation, Chang Gung has established numerous international partnerships with leading medical institutions around the world. This exchange of knowledge and experience contributes to the development of medicine on an international level. Patients from different countries can take advantage of Chang Gung’s medical services, enjoying professional care and access to the latest medical advances.
World-renowned specialized centers
Chang Gung Medical Center in Taoyuan specializes in many fields of medicine, offering world-renowned specialty centers. From cardiology and oncology to orthopedics and neurology, Chang Gung provides comprehensive and highly specialized care for patients with a variety of conditions. With advanced diagnostic technologies and state-of-the-art treatment methods, patients receive individualized treatment plans tailored to their needs. The center is also a leader in organ transplantation, performing complex transplant procedures with high efficiency.